Monday, May 27, 2013

Please take a moment to remember Memorial Day is not just another chance to fire up the BBQ or get away.

A thought on Memorial Day

As a Vietnam Nam veteran who, for more years than I can believe, has carried an invisible backpack filled with indelible memories of brothers lost, and indescribable visions, it is my prayer that someday, the horrors of war will end forever. That no more mother's sons and daughters will end their lives far from home, for a cause as muddy as the stuff they lay in. I realize this is about as unrealistic a dream as could ever be imagined, yet this thought never leaves me. Please spare me the comments about how we must protect against evil and such. I know all that and agree. Though highly unlikely, at least in what ever lifetime I have left, I just wish it could be different.
Take a moment to imagine how many Edisons, Madam Curies, Einsteins, Steve Jobs, Jonas Salks, Louis Pastures, and their kind never made it past 20 years old because their life was ended prematurely by a bomb, bullet, hand grenade, sword, arrow ect.. Think of all the cancer, AIDs, and other diseases that could be cured if the energy we, as humans, expel on killing one another was used to end suffering instead of causing it.
This is in no way meant to be an indictment or criticism of this country I love so deeply, rather it is a wish things could be different for our entire is after all, the only one we have.
God Bless America!!!